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First and foremost, we must locate for you a suitable property-one which fits your style and expectations. To assist us, please fill out our questionnaire. But then what? Rather than be left on your own to discover the details through trial and error, the following discussion checklist will be reviewed as part of your retained relationship with us, so that you will be in a better position to understand the options and possibilities of real estate ownership on Anguilla. All discussions are focused on minimizing your effort and risk-maximizing your return and enjoyment.

  1. The Government Policy on Land Acquisition by Aliens - present conditions, potential trends; underlying philosophy.

  2. The Alien Land Holding License--obligations, requirements, potential penalties, creative options.

  3. The Cadastral System--land registry restrictions on Alien land ownership and rights, establishing clear title.

  4. The Fiscal Requirements--Alien land transfer taxes, stamp duties, annual property taxes, innovative payment structures.

  5. The Legal Options--Anguillian corporations and Anguillian real estate, Alien company Ownership;

  6. The Closing Process--various purchase and sale agreements and arrangements; implementing contract safeguards for Aliens;

  7. Financing Opportunities-local options via banks and mortgage companies.

  8. The Permitting Process - fees and requirements of the planning and building boards; electricity, water and cable connections.

  9. The Construction Process - architects, engineers, construction managers, contractors; professional terms of reference.

  10. Immigration and Labor Policy - permanent residence requirements, belonger status, works permits.

Please note: Supporting documentation is available and provided.

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