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Welcome to a Caribbean Paradise-

Anguilla-a wonderful place to live, a wonderful place to invest. An Island without crime, pollution, or taxes; an Island with beautiful beaches, cooling breezes, and considerate people; an Island blessed by a stable democracy and supported by a viable infrastructure. Anguilla is a home with many charms.

However, some of Anguilla's many charms-such as the fact that she is not a society of exacting regulation-can provide reason for concern. With regard to real estate, everyone on Anguilla is a potential realtor--taxi drivers, bartenders, store clerks, waiters. In fact, almost everyone is anxious to drive you around and around and around the Island giving you advice while trying to sell you property.

Unfortunately, inaccurate information often leads to confusion, disappointment and untimely delays.

Fortunately we operate on a different basis.

We firmly believe that is in everyone's best interest for foreign purchasers (i.e. alien landholders) to be fully familiar aware of, and comfortable with, the real estate process on Anguilla--it is our goal to minimize risk and effort while maximizing return and efficiency.

We are dedicated to professionally assisting and advising the Purchaser, so we take great care in explaining the real estate process prior to beginning the property search. While it is always advisable to retain a local attorney to review contract documents once a property to purchase is located, there is considerable value in establishing a fundamental knowledge of the real estate process at the outset.

As our client, we shall do our best to ensure that you are fully aware of, and knowledgeable about, the entire process of purchasing real estate on Anguilla.

As our client, we shall provide you with a clear and concise picture of the real estate environment on Island, including but not limited to those items covered in the Discussion Checklist.

As our client, we shall arrange site visits for you to those properties within our extensive portfolio of Elegant Residential Property that appear suitable.

As our client, we shall investigate ownership and availability of any property or parcel that is of interest to you -regardless of whether or not it is actively listed.

As our client, we shall assist you in obtaining your Alien Land Holding License, and in arranging your title transfer and Government payments. 

To Become Our Client, simply call and set up an appointment-thereafter you shall have our full service and attention while we endeavour to locate and acquire your dream property with you, for as long as that process takes.

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